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Quality Control

Quality Control

At RELICAB Quality Control is a serious matter meriting close, systematic attention. Accordingly, incoming, in process, inter stage and finished product inspection and testing is carried out with standard equipments. At pre determined lengths, samples are drawn for dimensional and centricity checks and the working of extruder temperatures monitored and logged. Each shift has a Senior Engineer and adequate staff for this purpose whose sole arm is to eliminate scrap and produce zero defect products. We also use non-contact Ink – Jet Printer, which helps us in continuous printing with sequential markings throughout the cable length. It helps to have a correct and complete length of every drum & coil.


Research & Development

Relicab Cable Mfg. Pvt. Ltd. is vitally interested in import substitution and in pioneer ventures into new fields of cable manufacturing. We also constantly try to improve our process and methods. With these objects in view, a continuous design, development and application activity goes on, which has produced an impressive record over the years. RELICAB have a reference library of wide range covering every aspect of cable design, manufacturing and testing. Many innovations have been developed by RELICAB. with this objective in mind, our utmost priority has been to keep pace with the changing technologies in order to enable us to offer the latest to our customers with the most competitive prices and in time.


  • Laboratory & Testing Facilities

    To support work and carryout R & D, Relicab Cable Mfg. Pvt. Ltd. maintains a number of well designed and equipped test facilities and laboratory which enable designs and conceptions to be worked out and tested. Certified sub-standard instruments are maintained & periodic calibrations of instruments are carried out in day-to-day use, to ensure constant accuracy. These labs & testing facilities ensure that all RELICAB products are absolutely unto the mark and to the relevant ISI international specifications.

    Facilities include equipment for testing, tensile strength, conductor resistance, ageing, etc. and similar mechanical properties and electrical properties such as High Voltage, spark testing Insulation etc. as well as calibration equipment for thermo-emf-curves, noise-level ratios etc.

  • Product Spectrum

    We are involved in manufacturing a complete array of wires and cables that are used in diverse sectors encompassing virtually all industries like telecom, electrical, automotive and household appliances. And the new field of wind energy our products guarantee trouble-free system performance with high reliability and durability.