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Products Standards

Skilled Human Resource

Our qualified and dedicated professionals are not only fertile in their IQ but have high level of EQ, which makes them acutely responsible towards their performance. The workforce employed in the manufacturing and in the processing of the final products are trained under our in-house training program to make them skilled in our particular mode of operation.

Moreover, our R&D team is persistently active in conducting surveys to assure complete client satisfaction and explore novel means to deliver more efficient and advantageous products.

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Quality standards

Procurement of Raw Materials

Raw materials like Copper, Aluminum & Galvanized steel wire/strip are procured from reliable sources and are thoroughly examined for their purity and grades required. PVC compounds of various grades are in-house manufactured.

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Finished Products

The finished products are repeatedly tested on controlled scientific conditions to verify their efficiency level. They are required to qualify on several parameters regarding connectivity, shielding, and build, fitting compatibility and speed & capacity.

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our unflinching efforts and high quality products have resulted in expanding our client base, which surpassed the domestic boundary and helped us step into the international forefront. It is their repeated orders that have encouraged us in flourishing extensively.

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During the entire period of processing, we check for appropriate mixing of chemicals, alloys, heating temperature and dimensions etc to ensure proper tensile strength and durability.

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Some of our Products are as follows

    Current forward integration
  • To Work on new variety of cables, specialized cables above 1.1 KV.
  • Current backward integration
  • Development of new types of Compound
  • Future forward integration
  • From Cables Harnesses, Power Cord etc. are manufactured.
  • Future backward integration
  • We manufacture P.V.C. Compound of various varieties required for manufacturing of P.V.C. Cables.

Objective Of Quality Control


Bunching process gives the conductor a proper shape which helps us in maintaining centricity while extrusion process.

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The bunched conductors can give a uniform excentricity and helps to maintain proper registivity during its use.

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This binds various cores together to give a uniform layer, this helps in ensuring proper sheathing process and maintain uniform thickness all around.

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This process is mainly to ensure that the cable does not get corrugated when it is under earth and also it ensures that rats do not damage the cores.

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